Turn An Ugly Boob Light Into a Cool Tabletop Fire Bowl!

From the minute I bought this house, the one project that I knew I wanted to tackle was replacing the boob lights that were all over the upstairs. If you’re unfamiliar with the oh so classy boob light, it looks like this: The name comes from the rounded bowl shape and the bowl cap at...

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Cell Phone Accessories You Didn’t Realize You Needed For Your Phone

Confession – I am a total tech junkie. If there’s a fancy new gadget on the market, I need to try it. My recent obsession with cool cell phone accessories began when a coworker showed me the charging pad he’d just bought for his new phone. What is this sorcery?? You just lay your phone...

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Things Organized People Use to Stay Organized

Wow, we’ve covered a LOT of organization projects, tips, and tricks this month! But just because I know about these things doesn’t mean that my life is perfect or that I have an organized home all of the time. Oh hell to the no! There are days when I’m happy to head to the office...

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15 Natural Cleaning Products That You Can Make Yourself!

I was at the store the other day and found myself in the cleaning product aisle. Holy catnip, Batman! There are a ton of products to choose from. I had to wonder how many of the ingredients in those products I’d be able to pronounce (maybe a few) and how many I could spell (zero)....

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