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11 Genius Kitchen Organization Products You Need Now

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I think we can all agree that one area where we could use some fresh new ideas is kitchen organization!

I don’t know what it is about the kitchen but it seems to be the place where it’s always happening!

Whether it’s prepping and cooking meals, packing lunches, doing a little baking or just hanging out, kitchens are the heart of any home. Lifestyles are increasingly busier so I think more families are favoring the casual vibe of a kitchen over a formal dining room.

And that means it’s really important to make sure the kitchen stays organized. This mama doesn’t have time to waste looking through drawers or cabinets for something. I’m always on the lookout for products, tips, and tricks that will make kitchen organization easier.

I’ve found 11 kitchen organization products that will help with how to organize your kitchen. I really love it when I find something that makes me go “Whaaaaaa? That’s genius!”

Kitchen Organization Ideas

Over the Cabinet Door Organizer

Kitchen Organization - Over the Door Organizer

I love the idea of finding a good use for what would otherwise be wasted space. This organizer fits over the door of your cabinet and can be used to store muffin tins, cookie sheets, cutting boards or even plastic wrap and aluminum foil! It works in other rooms too. Use one in the bathroom and store your curling iron or straightener and keep the cords off your counter!

Pantry and Bakeware Organizer Rack

Kitchen Organization - Bakeware Holder


I’m always on the lookout for pantry organizing ideas. I use one of these organizers for my baking sheets, pizza pans, and cutting boards. I got tired of having to pull everything out to get one pan because they were stacked on each other. And I didn’t have a great place to store extra cutting boards either. Now all I have to do is slide the one I want out and that’s it!

Water Bottle Storage

Kitchen Organization - Water Bottle Holder

I have a kitchen organizer for soda cans for the fridge that is awesome. This storage container works for water bottles! Genius! I think most of my issues with storage are due to the orientation as much as anything else. Usually, water bottles are stored upright and take up a lot of room. This organizer turns them on their side which makes a lot more sense. You could even stack these and use them for bottles of soda too!

Kitchen Storage Rack

Kitchen Organization - Storage Rack

Here’s another storage rack that goes over a cabinet door but can be used for trash bags or paper towels. This is a great idea, especially for rolls of trash bags. Instead of rooting around in a drawer or under the sink for the box of bags, it’s easy to grab one from inside the door and put it in the garbage can when it’s time for a new one.

Two Tier Slide-Out Storage Bin

Kitchen Organization - Sliding Shelves

Storage bins that slide are so much more functional, don’t you think? You can slide it out to easily find the item you need instead of pulling the whole bin out. This two-tiered bin would be awesome for pantry storage or cabinet and used to store seasoning packets, spices or other small items.

Large Kitchen Pantry Shelf

Kitchen Organization - Shelves

Double your storage space with a kitchen shelf organizer that fits right on top of an existing shelf! This one from Target locks into place so you don’t have to worry about it shifting or scratching any surface it’s sitting on. Put canned goods or smaller items underneath and save the top for taller things like cereal boxes or other storage containers.

Touchless Trash Can

Kitchen Organization - Touchless Trash Can

Garbage cans by their very nature are nasty seeing as how their sole purpose is holding….well, garbage. If I can get out of touching mine, I’ll go with that option every time. This trash can has a motion sensor that opens the lid for you once activated. I also like that it has a soft close so the lid doesn’t slam shut every time. No more worries about dropping trash on the floor if you’re trying to open the lid while your hands are full!

Over Cabinet Shopping Bag Holder

Kitchen Organization - Shopping Bag HolderHere’s another over the cabinet door storage solution. This organizer holds up to 50 shopping bags and comes in a pretty silver finish. Even though I try to shop with my reusable bags, there are still times when I’m somewhere without them and have to use a plastic one. They can quickly pile up and turn into an unorganized mess if you don’t have somewhere to stash them. I use them when I clean out the litter box so I’m not holding on to them forever but it’s nice to have a small space to store them out of the way.

Lazy Susan Organizer

Kitchen Organization - Lazy Susan

Most lazy susans are just a flat plate that spins and things will slide off if you’re not careful. This organizer has a raised outer edge to keep everything contained and tidy. The nice high edge will also keep bottles from tipping over as you spin it which is nice!

Stackable Storage Bins

Kitchen Organization - Stackable Organizers


I’ve been seeing these clear plastic storage containers everywhere lately. These come in a 6 pack in different sizes so you can store a variety of items. I struggle with storing fresh fruit in a way that makes it easy to get at. It seems like every week I’m throwing something out because I couldn’t see it and forgot about it. With these bins, I can see exactly what’s in there and it’s easier to pull out the bin than rummaging around in the drawer of the refrigerator. No more fruit waste!

Air-Tight Food Storage Containers

Kitchen Organization Products - Storage Containers

I love using containers from the dollar store in my pantry but sometimes you need an air-tight container for things like crackers, cookies or chips so they don’t get stale. The different sizes allow you to choose the perfect size container for whatever you need to store. The classic black lid and clear BPA-free plastic will look nice with any type of decor. They’re also stackable so you can further maximize your space.

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I will take any help I can get when it comes to keeping things organized in my house! Any of the kitchen organization products above will help with some of those trouble-spots that all kitchens seem to have. If you’re struggling with kitchen organization or need pantry organization ideas, try some of these products and you’ll be amazed at the difference!



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