And…..we’re back in the saddle again!

square jute wreath

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Hey there! It’s been awhile since the last post but as the song goes we’re back in the saddle again. It’s been crazytown around here lately. Between working on the Etsy shop and a nice extended visit from my mama there hasn’t been much time for DIY or blog posts. That’s all about to change though. We’re returning to a somewhat normal (for us) pace and routine. I have a list of projects queued up and ready to go.

Plus, it’s FALL. OMG, I love fall so much. Here in the Midwest fall means arts and crafts festivals galore. And apple cider and pumpkin bread and nights around the fire pit. Then there’s the decorations and the smell of burning leaves and that slight chill in the air. There’s also leaves, leaves and more leaves to rake but we’re not quite there yet.

In a few weeks, Alex and I will be going to our first stop on the fall arts and crafts tour, the Apple ‘n Pork Festival in Clinton, Illinois. If you’re local or near Central Illinois and have never been, I recommend that you check it out. There are apples and pork (obviously) along with a ton of other goodies but there’s also a GINORMOUS flea market and tons of crafty stuff to see. Here’s a link to their page if you’re interested in more info.

After that we’ll be attending the Spoon River Drive in Fulton County. Again, if you’ve never been and have the chance to do so, I highly recommend it. The Spoon River Drive is always held the first 2 weekends in October. I’m hoping the leaves really start to change in the next couple of weeks because it is a truly beautiful sight to behold when the trees are in their fall splendor. Not to be Captain Obvious today, but as the name implies it involves driving. There are numerous places to stop along the route and it can be arts, crafts and food overload if you’re not careful. It’s all self-guided so you can go at your pace. You can hit every stop or only a few. Over the years, we’ve whittled it down to our favorites.

Be warned – GPS will only get you so far. Most of the drive is in farm country. Last year, Alex and I were relying on GPS to get us back on track after we’d made a wrong turn. After guiding us down a dirt road and causing me to remember every horror movie I’d ever seen, we were told to park and walk to our destination. I believe my exact words were “Did that @#%#@!#& thing just tell us to get out and walk??” We chose to not follow that advice and turned around and went back instead. Wouldn’t you know, we turned about 1/4 mile too soon. Right over the next hill was the spot we were looking for. Such is life on The Drive. If you’d like more information and helpful things, like a map to use instead of GPS, here’s a link to their site.

We’ll snap some pics for Instagram and post them so if you’re not following us on Instagram, you should be! I also post new items for the shop and once I get started on my next projects I’ll be posting progress pics.

So that’s what been going with us. Speaking of new stuff for the shop, we just added a new item – wreaths! These are a lot fun to make since there’s so much you can do with them. We have deco mesh wreaths up for fall/Halloween but I think this one is my favorite because it’s different than what you usually see:

back in the saddle square jute wreath

It wasn’t that hard to do. All it took was a square wire wreath frame and some jute string. I’ll post a tutorial soon if you’d like to try it yourself. Because things have been so crazy lately, we’ll be dialing back on the Pinnovations to once a month instead of once a week. As we get closer to the holidays, maybe we’ll do more but I think once a month for right now will work.

Is anyone else excited that it’s finally fall? Are there any traditions you look forward to every year? Let us know in the comments!