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March File of the Week #1 – Free St. Patrick’s SVG – No Pinching Zone

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This week’s file is a free St. Patrick’s SVG that will keep you safe from pinching because you will be wearing green!

I meant to get this file up on Friday…but last week was crazy busy and I just didn’t get to it!

Free St. Patrick’s SVG

This week’s SVG file will be free until March 19th. After that, it will still be available in the shop for purchase. Click the image below to download. 

You can’t upload a zip file to Design Space so after you’ve downloaded the file unzip it to your computer and then find and upload the SVG to Design Space. 

This file should be fairly easy to cut and apply to your t-shirt.  The shamrock has been designed with a cutout space for the words and the text should line right up into the available space.

Check the Cricut Heat Guide for precise temps and steps for your particular material. 

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