That Friday Feeling Game Changers

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Happy Friday and Happy pre-St. Patrick’s Day!

Friday Feeling Spring Things

I don’t have plans for St. Patty’s Day this year because I’m starting on phase 1 of my spring projects! Instead of guzzling green beer and heading towards the inevitable hangover, this year I’ll be replacing drywall, hanging shelves and testing paint samples. And I couldn’t be happier!

Even though it’s stressful when I’m mid-project and the house is a mess, I love it. That’s not to say that I won’t take advantage of things that might make my life easier when I’m in DIY-mode. Far from it!

I found a few things this week that are really going to be a huge help. Sometimes it’s the little things that help the most which is why I’m calling these Game Changers.

But enough of that! On to this week’s good stuff!

That Friday Feeling

Rust-Oleum Comfort Grip for Spray Cans

Friday Feeling Game Changers

I think I’ve said before that I buy spray paint like some people buy milk. I ALWAYS have a variety of colors available because SPRAY PAINT CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING. But it can be hard to get even coverage with certain cans, especially cheaper brands which I do buy occasionally. I know. *gasp* This little miracle worker fits standard size spray paint cans and allows greater control and precision for your spray.

Kreg Crown-Pro Molding Tool

Friday Feeling Game Changers

I didn’t have a miter saw back when I did the crown in my office but I did just fine with a cheap miter box. But I made the decision this year to finally invest in a decent miter saw. I have some furniture and other things I want to build and it’s just going to be easier to use a miter saw for it. I also want to add crown to the other rooms in my house. If you read the post on using a miter box to cut crown, you’ll know that it can be tricky to get the cuts right for the corner types. This tool fits right on your saw and gives you everything you need to make perfect cuts every time so no more waste! It even includes an angle finder you can use for the most precise fit possible.

Multipurpose Laser Level

Friday Feeling Game Changers

Have you ever needed your tape measure when you’re using a level but you don’t have it handy? Well, look no further, my friend! This handy little multi-purpose tool is a laser level, a bubble level and a tape measure in one. You won’t wish for more hands anymore with this guy in your toolbelt. Since I work solo for the majority of my projects, multipurpose tools like this are absolute lifesavers for me!

And in other news….

Did you know that Ikea now offers reasonably priced delivery on almost all of their items?? It used to be that the cost of shipping large items like sofas or chairs was practically more than the item itself. But no more. Delivery starts at $29 and is calculated based on your distance from the nearest store. Talk about a game changer! I have wanted the Kivik chaise lounges for a few years now but the nearest Ikea to me is in St. Louis. I would have had to rent a truck and drive down there to get them which just seemed like a huge hassle. When I saw this though I promptly bought 2 of them (and a bunch of other stuff too). They’re going to make a great addition to the media room I’m making upstairs and I am super excited to get them!

And speaking of media rooms

I call mine a media room but House Beautiful calls them pajama lounges and they are all. the. rage. No matter what you call it, having a casual space to hang out that’s separate from the main living area is very on trend right now. I ordered 2 of the Kivik lounges for mine because I envision it as a spot to curl up with a good book on a rainy day or hang out and watch a movie with Alex and the girls. I’m adding some built-ins along one wall to house a TV and other media-related things but there will plenty of room for books and snacks too!

One last fun tidbit in honor of the holiday

Have you ever wondered why we’re supposed to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day? Besides not wanting to get pinched, that is. Turns out the original color associated with St. Patty’s Day was actually blue but because of Ireland’s strong connection to the color green, it was changed. The legend states that if we wear green we’re invisible to leprechauns, those little green tricksters who pinch anyone not wearing their favorite color.

I hope you have a fun-filled St. Patty’s weekend and get to fill up on green treats of all kinds. Watch out for leprechauns though! ☘


This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see our Disclosures.