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9 Awesome Halloween Decorating Ideas

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You guys!! It’s October!! Finally! Alex and I have decided this is the year. The one we’ve been waiting for. The year we go out all on the Halloween decorating. Every year since I bought this house we’ve talked about doing it. But this it. We were at Spirit Halloween on Labor Day weekend getting ideas and making lists (of course I was making a list…lol). We came up with some really great ideas to start but I wanted more. 😉

Here’s some of what I’ve been collecting as inspiration. These ideas will bring a spooktacular feel to your Halloween decorating. We’re all about getting our hands dirty around here for holiday decorating.  I can’t wait to get started on ours!

Halloween Outdoor Decorating

I love everything about this house. I’d say it sets the bar pretty high. What is it about purple lights that ups the creepiness factor so much?

Halloween Decorating

Halloween Lighting

This is a great post about how the right lighting can really take your Halloween decorating to the next level. I’ve already got some LED spotlights on order from Amazon.

Halloween Books

These creepy Halloween books in the tutorial are so cool. I think they’d look good stacked on a table on the porch or maybe in the bay window? But we have plans for that bay window already so I’m not sure. Decisions, decisions!

Halloween Decorating

Head in a Jar

How freaking awesome is this idea?? This would surely scare the pants off unsuspecting passersby. It’s a little involved since you really need good photo editing skills to make it look right but definitely worth it! Creepy…

Head in a Jar

Glow in The Dark Halloween Decorations

Did you know that liquid laundry detergent glows in the dark??? Me either! I’ll figure out how I feel about that after Halloween because this is just too cool not to try!

Glow in The Dark Halloween Decorations

Glowing Eyes

Here’s a really easy DIY decoration that can be done in a snap. Put these in a bush or tree and sit back to enjoy the show. Mwahahaha.

DIY Glowing Eyes

Lighted Pumpkin Topiary

This one by itself maybe isn’t the scariest but if you included in an outdoor scene with some purple or blue uplighting? Yep, scary and sinister. Yikes!

Lighted Pumpkin Topiary

Halloween Corpse

I’d already thought about having Alex lay on the porch so I could draw a chalk outline around her but maybe this is a better idea. Or maybe both because this is really creepy. I like it!

Halloween corpse

Specimens in Jars

I cannot even begin to describe how unhappy Alex would be about a nasty spider in a jar full of goo. So this one is definitely on the list.

Specimens in jars

Oh wow, I don’t know about you but I am READY to get some Halloween going on. I have a feeling we might be “that house” on the block this year but I’m OK with it. Maybe we’ll start a neighborhood tradition!

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Halloween Decorating

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