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If you’re reading this then you’re probably wondering just what in the heck we’re all about. We’re Sharon and Alex, which is probably obvious since that’s the name of the blog. We live in the heart of the Midwest in good old Springfield, Illinois. It’s the land that Lincoln loved, you know. This is where we share the trials, tribulations, and victories (fist pump) as we tackle projects both large and small. Things don’t always work out exactly as planned but that’s life, right? By no stretch of the imagination would I call us “experts”. We just like to try different things (like a lot of different things) and figure out what works for us and what doesn’t.

We are no different than anyone else, hitting up the Google and looking for tutorials and inspiration. One day, we decided the risk of “putting ourselves out there” was worth it if we could inspire other people to attempt something they had always wanted to try but maybe just weren’t ready to take it on. (Yep, that 80’s song Take on Me stuck in my head right now….taaaaaake ooonnnnn meeeee….sorry if you do too now.)

A little history

I bought my house in 2011 and since we moved in I have been slowly working to make it my own. To say I knew nothing when I first started is a bit of an understatement but through a LOT of trial and error, my skill set is improving. Alex has since moved out and is living on her own but she’s a frequent visitor/collaborator/co-conspirator. She’s a mom now to 5-year-old Aislynn and little Clara who will be one in January. Aislynn begrudgingly puts up with our antics and I suppose Clara will learn that too! Alex is more of the creative type preferring painting, crafting or cooking over picking up a hammer or saw. That’s my area. The bigger my tool and equipment inventory gets the happier I am. And the more worried my mother gets.

We are also avid Harry Potter fans so if you follow us on social media, be prepared for a lot of Hogwarts-related stuff both there and on the blog. That was always our thing when Alex was growing up. We attended countless midnight movie premieres and book release parties. Then promptly fought about who was going to read it first but once we both had read it, we engaged in endless analysis over the minutest detail. We’re such big nerds and proud of it! We have Harry Potter weekends once a year when we watch all the movies and cook up a bunch of food. Do we know how to party like rock stars or what? Seriously though, I’m so happy that the tradition is continuing now that she’s all grown up. *sniff*

And here’s a brief overview for each of us. I’ve hit the high points but it’s like Amy Schumer says – we’re just gonna sweep the crazy under the rug for a bit and pull that out later….

Sharon Profile Picture

Welcome friends! I’m Sharon, mom to Alex and grandma to Aislynn and Clara. I am definitely not your typical mama or grandma. I’m a Camaro-driving, rock music loving, DIY badass. I’m also an enthusiastic cook, decorator, crafter and lifelong learner. I love saving money and have learned to stop paying for things I can do myself.

Alex Profile

I’m Alex, a 24-year-old, married, mom of two. I often call myself a Jack of all trades and a master of none! So you can expect posts about anything and everything. Nothing is off the table. I love food, crafts, and I am also a giant nerd.

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