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DIY Embroidery Hoop Wreath – Make Your Season Merry & Bright

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Make your holiday season Merry & Bright with this easy DIY embroidery hoop wreath using your favorite festive fabric and HTV.

I can’t believe the holidays are here already! I have no idea where the times goes but it doesn’t seem like an entire year since I had the house decorated for Christmas. 

Speaking of Christmas decorations, how cute is this DIY embroidery hoop wreath? I’m all about cute and easy crafts and this one is a winner. I found the fabric on sale at Joann and knew I had to think of something to use it for. Joann is KILLING ME lately with their doorbusters and sales. I can’t stay out of there! đŸ™‚

I’ve never really thought of using iron-on vinyl in a home decor project before. I don’t know why because this project was so simple and fast to do! 

DIY Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Materials Needed For This Project

Measure and Cut Your Fabric

Lay your embroidery hoop on top of your fabric and cut it so that you have about 1-2 inches extra all the way around. You’ll trim it off later but you’ll need the extra fabric to tug so you can get it tight in the hoop.

Create or Upload Your Design

If you’re using my free cut file for this project, upload it into Design Space and resize it to fit your embroidery hoop. I used a 12″ hoop and I wanted some space between the design and edge so I sized it to be a little bigger than 8.5″ by 9.5″.

If you’re making your own design, keep the diameter of your hoop in mind as you design. It can help to create a circle shape on your canvas that’s the same size as your hoop and design using that as a guide. You can delete the circle when you’re done.

Make sure to attach all the elements of your design together so that it cuts as one piece.

To attach, simply draw a box with your mouse around the entire design. Everything you want to cut together should be inside that box. Then just right-click and choose “Attach”. Now you can move it around as one piece.

When you’re done, hit “Make It”.

Turn “Mirror” On and Place Your Vinyl FACE SIDE DOWN

Because we are using heat transfer vinyl that will be ironed on, you need to click the button next to Mirror. This will flip your design around. 

Mirror Design

Place your vinyl on the mat face side (shiny side) down. When your design is cut and placed on your fabric, the design will be right-sided and the part that attaches to the fabric will be on the bottom. The plastic backing will be on top to protect the vinyl from the heat source.

Once your vinyl is on the mat face side down and your design has been mirrored, hit continue.

Set your material dial to iron-on and load your mat into the machine. Hit the flashing Go button and wait for your design to finish cutting.

Remove the Excess Vinyl and Place Design on Your Fabric

Remove your design from the mat and peel away the excess vinyl. If you have any bits left inside the letters or elsewhere, use a weeding tool to remove them.

Now place your design on your fabric and either use an iron or the Cricut Easy Press to adhere the iron-on to the fabric. I use an iron on medium-high heat (no steam!) and I’ll hold the iron in place for about 30 seconds and then move it to the next spot. Don’t move it back and forth as if you were ironing. Once you’ve covered the entire design with heat, give it a minute to cool a little before you remove the backing. If you try to remove it while it’s too hot, the vinyl won’t stick to the fabric.

Iron-On ready

Place Your Fabric in the Hoop and Cut Off the Excess

Take your fabric and lay it over the bottom part of the embroidery hoop. Fit the top part over it and use the screw to tighten it. Tug the excess fabric around the edges until your fabric is tight all the way across.

Trim off the excess material as close to the hoop as you can get it.

Trim Excess Fabric from DIY Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Tie a ribbon through the screw at the top, add some floral accents, and hang it on the wall!

This is one of those projects that’s so easy you’ll wonder why you never tried it before! Honestly, I think the whole thing took me about an hour, including creating the design. 

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to add some festive touches to your home for Christmas, you need to try this! It would also make a great gift.

I love this idea and it can be used for any number of projects. Just switch up the fabric pattern and design and you could make one for every holiday, event, season, day of the week…

Get the free cut file for this project by clicking on the image below.

DIY Embroidery Hoop Wreath

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