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Printable 2021 Calendar Pages – Simple & Easy to Use

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Here are some simple and easy to use printable 2021 calendar pages to get you organized this year! Featuring a basic layout, printing these calendar pages won’t waste all of your ink!

Confession – I have a thing for planners and calendars of all kinds. I’ve spent more money on different types of planner systems and calendars than I’d care to admit (or even calculate…ouch!). And as is often the case with me, the things that work best are usually the simplest. The more complicated a planning system is, the harder it is for me to keep everything in one place. And once I have to start searching for what I need it’s game over.

This year, I’ve designed some printable 2021 calendar pages that meet my need for simplicity. I like this style because it’s basically a blank canvas that I can use however I need to. Even better, there aren’t a ton of graphics or colors so it doesn’t waste a bunch of printer ink. Just a pretty font for the month and year and a basic month-at-a-glance layout.

This style of calendar is great for tracking key events or dates that you don’t want to lose sight of like doctor’s appointments, birthdays, or critical due dates. For my day-to-day stuff, I use more of a bullet journal layout. I think of it as the monthly calendar is what shows my goals and priorities and the bullet journal tracks the action steps needed to achieve them.

All of the months are included as separate pages in the printable 2021 calendar pages PDF file. Print out just the ones you need as you need them or print them all at once.

This file will be free to download until January 20th, 2021. After that, you can still purchase from the shop.

Click the Download Now button for immediate access to the calendar pages.

Happy New Year!

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