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Target Hacks: Insider Tips on How to Save Money at Target

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Target is one of my favorite places to shop. It probably runs a close second to ALDI. Check out these insider tips and Target hacks for saving money while shopping at a store we all love!

Save a ton of money using these Target hacks.


Most of us try to stick to our budget when we walk through the hallowed doors of Target. That resolve can go out the window fast once we’re inside. At least that’s how it is for me! Luckily for us, there are a ton of ways to save money by shopping at Target.

Newly added product lines like Opalhouse and the Hearth & Hand collection by Magnolia give us even more choices for home decor. And they’re adding new and different lines all the time! This summer Target is introducing 3 new brands. Heyday is tech accessories (cell phone & tablet covers, headphones, charging cords, etc.). Wild Fable and Original Use is apparel for young women and men. Home decor, furniture, apparel, groceries, electronics and tech – you can find pretty much anything you need at Target.

Target Hacks for Saving Money

Become familiar with Target’s markdown schedule

During the week, Target will mark down items in certain categories on specific days. Keep in mind that schedules may vary from store to store and not all items will get marked down. You can always check with your local store to find out what their schedule is. If you see an item marked down to 15%, try waiting until the next time it’s reduced. Target marks items down in order – 15, 30, 50, 70 and sometimes 90%! It’s up to the store manager as to how far down an item will get marked, but this is a great way to snag the best deals. Patience pays off!

Again, this schedule may be different than your local store so double-check to make sure.

  • Monday: Baby, Electronics, Children’s Clothing, Office Supplies
  • Tuesday: Pets, Groceries, Women’s Clothing, Bed & Bath Items
  • Wednesday: Toys, Health & Beauty, Lawn & Garden, Men’s Clothing
  • Thursday: Books, Kitchen & Housewares, Sports, Luggage, Shoes, Movies & Music
  • Friday: Tools, Home Improvement, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Auto

Check your price tags

If the price ends in $.06 or $.08 (Like $19.48 or $14.96) the item will get marked down again (if there are any left)! The item typically stays on clearance for a week or two as long as there is still inventory. If the price ends in $.04 ($12.44), that’s it. It won’t be marked down any further. Also, the upper right hand of the clearance tag will tell you the percent the item has been marked down – 15,30,50, etc.

Download the Target app

Last summer Target ended the Cartwheel program. All is not lost, though! Cartwheel offers were bundled into the Target app, which is nice since you only have to manage one app now. Within the app, you can search for current Cartwheel offers, check out the weekly ad, shop by category and set up a shopping list!

One super convenient feature is the wallet. You can add your Target REDcard, gift cards, and Cartwheel offers. At checkout, you just need to scan the barcode in the app to pay.

Look at your weekly ad

Here’s where you’ll find the best deals for the week. Sales run from Sundays to Saturdays so if you find a really great sale on something, you’ll want to get there early.

Pay close attention to the weekly ads. Target often offers gift cards as a bonus for certain items. It can range anywhere from $5, $10 or $30 depending on price, but for certain items with a higher price tag like cell phones, it could be as much as $100!

Also in the weekly ads are additional coupons you can get by texting the displayed code to Target (827438) or searching in the Target app.

Check out those end caps!

I’ve been searching end caps in retail stores for years for great deals on clearance items. Target is no different. Keep an eye out on end caps that aren’t facing a busy aisle for items marked for clearance. I once scored a set of beautiful lamps with fillable bases for around $20 from an end cap at Target. And remember that Target marks things down 15, 30, 50, 70 percent off. That great deal you see today might turn into an even better deal in a week or two. Talk about one of the great Target hacks!

Sign up for a REDcard

The REDcard really increases the amount you can save. Target offers both a debit card which is connected to your checking account and a credit card. Both options have the same perks including 5% off every day, free 2-day shipping, and a 30-day return window. And that 5% off also can be applied to Cartwheel offers, clearance items, and subscriptions so you save even more! REDcard holders will also receive early access to products, events and other special promotions.

Sign up for Subscriptions

Target offers discounts when you sign up for one of their subscription services. Save 5% on “everyday essentials” like toilet paper, dog food, or household and cleaning items. And it’s another 5% off if you use your REDcard so that’s a 10% discount. Target also offers a baby subscription service for diapers, wipes, and formula. REDcard holders will get a total of 15% off baby items and free shipping on specific items. Target loves their gift cards so watch out for offers for a gift card on subscription products to be used towards a future purchase too.

Create a registry

Create a baby or wedding registry with Target and score 15% off anything that’s left after the event. You only get one shot at it though. Well, two, technically. The discount is only good for one shopping trip to a Target store and one online purchase. If there’s a gift you really wanted but didn’t receive, take advantage of this and purchase it at a discount.

But did you know that in addition to baby and wedding registries, you can also create housewarming registries, college registries, or your own custom registry? What a great way to help family and friends pick the right gift for your important life event. College registries also qualify for the 15% discount off remaining items!

Take advantage of Target’s price match policy

If you purchase an item at Target and find it later for a cheaper price at, in a local competitor’s print ad, in Target’s print ad, or one of a select number of online competitors, Target will adjust your price to the lower price. Price matches can be completed at any lane in-store or the customer service desk. For a purchase, call the customer service hotline ( 1-800-591-3869).

Target will match prices for a number of popular online retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Kohls, Walgreens, and Wayfair. For the full list of online retailers, click here.

Let’s Go Shopping!

Target is one of the best budget-friendly options for pretty much all the things. I love a store where I can run in and grab toilet paper, ice cream, new bath towels, a pretty vase and a new outfit. These Target hacks will make it easy to stick to your budget and save even more money on what I consider to already be pretty great prices. And the quality of Target products isn’t cheap like other retailers who claim to have the lowest price. Next time you’re shopping at Target, try out some of these tricks and see how much money you save!


If you love shopping at Target, you'll love these Target hacks for saving a ton of money.

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