Thanksgiving Decorations That Don’t Cost a Fortune

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In my house, Thanksgiving is probably 90% about the food and 10% about the Thanksgiving decorations. I have to be honest, setting a fancy table has never been one of my strongest suits. “Plates? Yep. Silverware? Yep. Something to drink? Yep. OK, let’s eat.” But since I’ve entered the world of a homeowner, DIY’er and decorator I find that I want to pay a little more attention to all of the details. Maybe even something a little more involved than throwing down a tablecloth and some candles and calling it good. 😉

So, a couple of things happened this year that got me all excited about Thanksgiving decorations. First, I built a new dining room table. I’d been dreaming about a table like this for years. I wanted a nice solid, farmhouse style table that could seat up to 6 comfortably and maybe a few more if the whole family was over. I’d looked at buying one but I needed a custom size for my space. So when all else fails, DIY! The end result was exactly what I wanted and I’ve been impatiently waiting for the holidays since it was finished last spring!

And second, I bought a new set of dishes and glassware. I’d been working with the same mismatched set of dishes for the past 10 years or so. And they didn’t even match any of the colors my kitchens have ever been. I know, I know. Sometimes it seems like I haven’t quite figured out the adulting thing yet but I promise I have! And I’m thoroughly ashamed to admit that most of my glasses were pub style freebies I’d gotten from a bar. Yeah, classy, right? They even had the beer name and logo on the side. Nice. So after I finished the table (and rest of the dining room) I FINALLY bought new dishes and glasses. Like a real grownup.

If you missed my post on creating a plan to get through Thanksgiving if you’re hosting, you can check it out here. Part of winning Thanksgiving includes having a well-decorated table. The foundation of fabulous Thanksgiving decorations is a nice tablecloth or table runner. Once you have that in place you can start adding in all the fun elements that help set the mood. Since this was the year I finally had a great table and decent dishes and stuff, I really wanted to go all out with the table decor.

Alex and I were out shopping for craft supplies a few weeks ago (we have something planned for Christmas and we’ll be sharing soon!) and I found the CUTEST FABRIC EVER to make a table runner and napkins. We managed to snag the end of the roll and Joann was offering early doorbuster discounts so I ended up paying 5 bucks for not quite 2 yards. It’s a pretty simple design. The fabric (look at those cute pumpkins!) with a line of burlap down the center. Doing it this way allowed for a natural landing spot for the other decor.

thanksgiving decorations DIY Tablerunner

I love how once Halloween is over most stores feel that fall is over too. Since I went shopping on November 1, I was able to pick up a ton of cute little pumpkins and other fall decor for cheap. I’m still waiting for Alex to finish the napkins but here’s a shot of the place settings. I love these dishes. They’re Better Homes and Gardens Coupe Square 12 piece, without mugs. You can find the exact set I bought here (affiliate link). They are so easy to clean. Nothing sticks to them! I used leftover burlap and raffia to wrap the silverware in. Easy!

thanksgiving decorations table setting

You can create a really festive and charming Thanksgiving table with just a few items like pumpkins and pine cones.

Thanksgiving decorations table

And add some ambiance by displaying candles in cute and creative holders! I used cheap votive candles, wine glasses from the dollar store and a handful of fake pine cones from the craft store to make these. Here’s a decent shot of my DIY table too. LOVE IT. 😍

thanksgiving decorations table

Vases can be filled with anything. I picked up some sparkly vase filler and combined it with pine cones, pumpkins, flowers and a little scarecrow girl for the center of the table. The dollar store is a fantastic place to pick up glass items like wine glasses, vases and candle holders. For a dollar, you can’t beat it and there’s always a good selection of styles and sizes at our local store.

thanksgiving decorations vase

thanksgiving decorations filler

Here’s a better shot of my candle holder. I think the pine cones cost me about $3 for the bag, and the acorns came with it. The votives were around 50 cents and the glass was only $1 which makes this about a $2 candle holder.

thanksgiving decorations candles

Hopefully, that gave you some inspiration for your own Thanksgiving decorations for your dinner table. You don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to create a festive atmosphere. But if things get tense with your family members, maybe it will be the pine cones that get thrown across the table instead of the mashed potatoes. And if things get really bad, you can always check out one of the movies on our Thanksgiving movie list that will make you appreciate your own family even more.

Why spend a lot of time and money on your Thanksgiving decorations? Some dollar store items and some creativity are all you need to create a festive mood.

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