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Top 10 Adult Party Games

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Are your friends easily bored at your party? Do you often find awkward silences fall over the room for periods of time? Well, it’s time to wake up the guy in the bathroom and put on your party hats. Here are the top 10 Adult Party games that will have your party going from snooze to ‘OMG, I didn’t know Jan talked like that.’

Adult Party Games

This post contains affiliate links. This doesn’t represent an increase in cost for you or any hidden fees. It just means that if you purchase something after you’ve clicked one of my links I’ll receive a small commission. For more information, please see my Disclosure page. Thank you for helping to support this site!

Cards Against Humanity

There are many like it, but Cards Against Humanity is by far the best of its kind. With an ever-growing amount of expansion packs, the game never gets old. It is not a game for the weak of heart though. If you aren’t prepared to seem like a serial killer or a raging racist, this is not the game for you.

Never Have I Ever…

The best way to bring up your most regretted life moments. With 485 cards everyone is going home with a new perspective of their friends.


Let your friends reveal the most embarrassing things they know about you with this party favorite. You ask the hot seat question and your friends get to write down what they think the best answer is. If you aren’t completely mortified by the end, try the complete set here,

CoolCats and AssHats

Think you know your friends better than anyone? It’s a guessing game of likes and dislikes with a twist. Hopefully, you come out a CoolCat and not a drunken AssHat.

Drawing without Dignity 

Ever wondered what Pictionary would be like if it wasn’t made for all ages? Here it is! There are 670 inappropriate things to draw and endless laughs as you realize which of your friends is the dirtiest.

Pick Your Poison

Here’s one that’s a cross between Hot Seat and Would You Rather, but in the worst possible way. Watch out though. When your friends find out what you’d rather do, they might not look at you the same anymore.

Bad People (The Complete Set)

Have you ever wondered what your friends really think about you? Do you cry every time that Sarah McLachlan commercial about the abused dogs comes on? Then under no circumstances should you ever play this game.

Secret Hitler

Who is Hitler? That’s your mission in this game of backstabbing and political intrigue. You must find him and stop the spread of fascism before it’s too late!

Exploding Kittens

Players in this game draw cards until….well, as the name implies, someone draws an exploding kitten. There are ways to avoid this though. This game put Kickstarter on the map by being the most-backed project in history so don’t be too quick to judge.

Go Fish Yourself

Man, how many times have you wanted to tell someone that, am I right? In this adult version of Go Fish, you force other players to make pairs in crazy and outlandish ways. Those who can’t hang, can’t stay in the game. And this would also make a fabulous drinking game.

It’s party season! Woohoo! Grab some friends, some munchies, and some booze and host an “adult” game night. Take lots of fun pictures and tag us on social media so we can check it out!

Party on!

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