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Cell Phone Accessories You Didn’t Realize You Needed For Your Phone

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Confession – I am a total tech junkie. If there’s a fancy new gadget on the market, I need to try it. My recent obsession with cool cell phone accessories began when a coworker showed me the charging pad he’d just bought for his new phone. What is this sorcery?? You just lay your phone on it and it charges? Color me impressed.

As I was doing research about this magical charging device I discovered more new cell phone accessories that are pretty darned cool, IMO. And also as I was doing research, I’ve added quite a few new things to my Amazon Wish List. Note to self: share Wish List with Alex. I do have a birthday coming up…

Our phones are such an important part of our lives. Studies have shown that we spend 3-5 hours a day on our phones. That really doesn’t seem like that much until you do the math. 3 hours every day for a year is 1095 hours, which is 45 days! So 12% of our entire year is spent on social media, apps, and other features. If you’re going to be spending that kind of time on your phone, awesome cell phone accessories are a must.

I’m sharing the love and I’ve rounded up my favorite cell phone accessories for you in one big post. Just don’t blame me when UPS has to deliver to your house multiple times in a week. It happens.

Smart cell phone accessories are fun and functional! Check out these cool products for your cell phone for increasing storage, faster charging, taking awesome photos and more! #cellphones #phoneaccessories #tech #gadgets #cellphonegadgets

Must-Have Cell Phone Accessories

Charging Pad

Yep, this is the thing that started this whole post. A wireless charging pad. Most newer phones are equipped with Qi (pronounced chee) wireless charging technology. Newer iPhones and Samsung phones are ready to go. You just need to buy a charging pad. The pad itself still needs to be connected to a power source but the phone just lays on top. Wireless charging is quicker and easier because of the short distance (like zero) between the charging pad and phone. If you’re curious about whether or not your phone is compatible, check out the device list here.

Cell Phone Accessories - Wireless Charging Pad

QI Receiver

If your phone isn’t on the supported devices list, there’s still hope! You can buy a QI receiver for a non-QI enabled phone. Just remove your phone case and place the receiver inside. Then you plug the connector into the charging port on your phone and use the charging pad. One quick note about this. If you want to use your normal, corded charger you’ll need to remove the pad and connector first. If you’ll be switching between corded and wireless charging often, this might not be the best option for you as that could get annoying after awhile.
Cell Phone Accessories - QI Receiver

External Batteries

Never again will you have to worry about your phone dying while you’re on the go. A power bank is at the top of the must-have cell phone accessories list. There is nothing worse than needing to use your phone only to discover there’s no power outlet nearby. With an external battery, you can plug your charger in no matter where you’re at. Cell Phone Accessories - External Battery

Ultra microSDXC

Apps and photos take up so much space on your phone. Why pay extra for additional memory on your Android phone when you can spend a few bucks and buy an SDXC card and install it yourself? This card is rated for better app performance and better pictures.

Cell Phone Accessories - SDXC Card

Dashboard/Windshield Mount

Speaking as someone who was very nearly taken out by a driver who was texting while driving, I cannot stress enough how dangerous it is to use your phone with your hands in the car! A dashboard or windshield mount for your phone allows you to drive safely while still being able to access functions on your phone you need like GPS or music. Not texting!

Cell Phone Accessories - Dashboard and Windshield Mount

Screen Protector iPhone

A cracked screen on an iPhone is no bueno. A tempered glass screen protector will keep your phone safe from cracks and scratches. These kits come with 2 screen protectors and include everything you need to easily install it on your phone.
Cell Phone Accessories - Screen Protector

Screen Protector Samsung Galaxy

There are screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy phones too. It’s the same kit as for the iPhone, except it’s designed for Galaxy phones.
Cell Phone Accessories - Screen Protector Samsung

Universal Screen Protectors

If you don’t have an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, there are still options for screen protectors. Because the glass needs to be sized for your specific phone, try searching for screen protectors + your phone model. Or try a universal screen protector that’s film, not glass, and works with most phones.

Multi-Port Car charger

I am so getting one of these multi-port car chargers for the road trip Alex and I are taking later this summer to Cedar Point! I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to take turns charging our phones in the car because there’s only one port. This one has 5 ports so no more fighting over whose turn it is to use the charger.

Cell Phone Accessories - Multi Port ChargerBluetooth Headphones

Headphones cords are a hassle, especially when you’re working out or working in the yard. These Bluetooth headphones are water-resistant, have a snug fit and great sound quality. And up to 7 hours playing time on one charge! You can move around with ease and won’t have to worry about your cord getting tangled and wrapped around something.
Cell Phone Accessories - Bluetooth Headphones

Bose Bluetooth Speaker

Bose is well-known for superior quality. Take your tunes, podcasts or audiobooks with you where ever you go with a Bluetooth speaker. The Bose Bluetooth speaker boasts up to 6 hours of playing time and has a built-in speakerphone for making calls or using your digital assistant.
Cell Phone Accessories - Bluetooth Speaker

Selfie stick

Selfies are just a way of life now. Take the best pictures with a selfie stick. This selfie stick connects to your phone using Bluetooth and comes with a 2nd mount equipped with a mirror for your back camera. Extendable to 49 inches, you’ll be able to take great photos that won’t even look like selfies!

Cell Phone Accessories - Selfie Stick

Cord and Cable Management

Manage cords for your devices with these cute little magnetic twist ties. These aren’t just for headphones, you could use these for any type of cord, like hair dryers, straighteners, USB cords and a lot more! The bright colors will add a fun touch to any messy cord situation you have going on.
Cell Phone Accessories - Cord Ties

Clip-on lens

Camera phone quality has dramatically increased over the last several years. It’s almost to the point where you don’t need a fancy DSLR camera anymore. If you’re serious about taking your cell phone photography to the next level, check out these lenses for cell phone cameras that clip right to your phone. This kit comes with 5 different lens types:

  • Telephoto
  • Macro
  • Wide Angle
  • Fisheye
  • Star Filter

And it also comes with caps for each lens, 2 clips to attach to your phone, a pouch, a cleaning cloth and a tripod!
Cell Phone Accessories - Lens Kit

Repair Tool Kit

I would also put a decent toolkit at the top of the must-have cell phone accessories list. If you need to do anything to your phone, like pop off the back to insert an SD card, use the proper tools to avoid the risk of damaging your phone by using a tool that’s not made for it. Butter knife, I’m looking at you. This toolkit could be used for any small device like tablets or laptops too.
Cell Phone Accessories - Repair Kit

Gadgets Are Cool

Yes, cool gadgets can be a lot of fun but many cell phone accessories can also extend the functionality of your phone so you’re getting the most value for your investment. And if you’re stuck on gift ideas these would make great gifts for anyone on your list!

? Did you know that Amazon is a great place to buy cell phones too?

Yep, Amazon offers all the latest phones at great prices. And there are also exclusive offers only for Prime members! I bought my last phone from Amazon and it was so easy to get it set up with my carrier. Check out Amazon’s best sellers in cell phones here.

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Smart cell phone accessories are fun and functional! Check out these cool products for your cell phone for increasing storage, faster charging, taking awesome photos and more! #cellphones #phoneaccessories #tech #gadgets #cellphonegadgets If you love gadgets, you need to check out this list of cool cell phone accessories. Fun and function meet in the middle with products to increase storage, charge faster and take amazing photos! #cellphones #tech #gadgets #cellphoneaccesories


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