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10 Gifts for a New Homeowner They’ll Actually Use

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Gifts for a new homeowner seem to land more in the “housewarming” category than in the “something they really need” category. God knows I’ve never met a marble coaster set that I didn’t like but when I bought my house I really needed things that were functional. I’d been a renter my entire adult life before I entered the funtastic world of homeownership. I think I owned one screwdriver. That was the extent of my toolkit.  After the excitement of buying my first house wore off, I realized I was going to need more than just a lowly screwdriver.

If you have a brand new homeowner in your life that you need to buy a gift for, read on, my friend. Here’s my list of things I wish I’d had back then. Other than my trusty screwdriver, which I still have, BTW. These things are WAY better than a set of personalized marble coasters or a vase. Don’t kid yourself. Those things get shoved into a drawer or cabinet until the next time you visit.

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This post contains affiliate links. For more information, check out our disclosure page.

A Toolbox

Every well-equipped toolkit starts with a toolbox. I like this Stanley toolbox because it’s big enough for all the everyday tools I’ll need on a regular basis. It also has a removable tray for smaller items that could get buried in the bottom. And there’s a spot to put a padlock on it. Just in case. Constant vigilance!

Stanley 19-inch toolbox

 A toolbox needs tools or what is it good for? At a bare minimum, every homeowner should have the following in their toolbox:

Stanley also sells a 65-piece basic toolkit with everything in it. I like Stanley tools and have quite a few of them. So far, they seem to hold up really well.

Cordless Drill/Driver

If I had to recommend one gift above all others on this list it would have to be a cordless drill. This tool totally changed my life. I sing Firehouse’s “Love of a Lifetime” to it in a shrieking falsetto that terrifies the cat. Everything is so much easier with a cordless drill. Sometimes I’ll walk around the house with it just looking for things to use it on. Because that’s how I roll. This set from Makita is great because it has 2 tools – a driver and a drill. The rapid charger will fully charge the battery in 30 minutes so if you forget to charge it before a project, you won’t have long to wait before you’re ready to rock and roll.

Sanding Blocks/Sponges

Owning your own home means you get to paint your walls in whatever way you wish. I’ve learned this is both a blessing and a curse since I find myself at the paint counter at Lowe’s at least 3 times a year. So yeah, I paint a lot. Before I can paint I have to fill and sand all those little nail holes and dings in the wall. I always make sure that I have plenty of sanding sponges on hand. I keep a stock of all grits so I’m prepared for the job at hand. These 3M sponges have worked the best for me and trust me, I have used a ton of them.

Folding Step Stool

A small, 3-step folding stool comes in so handy around the house. This is what I use when I paint and change lightbulbs and dust the tops of the kitchen cabinets and hang the Christmas lights…you get the picture. I rarely feel like dragging out the big ladder inside the house. I’m not scared of heights but I get nervous on a ladder for some reason. If I can possibly get away with using ole shorty I will certainly do it. This is the exact one I have and after 6 years it’s still going strong: 3-Step Steel Frame Stool.


A level is another one of those must-have tools. Besides any type of DIY project, a level is necessary for things like hanging shelves and pictures. So you can relax when you’re sitting on the couch and not constantly shooting dirty looks at your gallery wall because now you see that it’s slightly crooked. An 18-inch level is what I’d suggest starting with. It’s long enough for most jobs.

Wireless Electrical Outlet

This one isn’t necessarily a tool but it’s still darn handy. Use these for hard to reach appliances or other electrical items that don’t have an ON/OFF switch. Plug these into the wall outlet and the appliance into the wireless electrical outlet and voila! You can turn it on and off using the included remote. I also purchased an outdoor version to use for my holiday light display.

Circular saw

I really believe every homeowner should own at least one saw. There are going to be a lot of situations that arise where one is needed. A circular saw is a good choice for a starter saw. It’s easy enough for a novice to operate and it will suffice for the majority of tasks. This Dewalt is a good choice. It’s lightweight, powerful and accurate.

Boot Tray

A few years ago I bought this boot tray to keep by the door. It really helps cut down on the amount of dirt and debris that get tracked through the house. I also keep one under the cat’s food and water so it doesn’t get all over the floor. This is a multi-functional item so I’d consider that a bonus!

Gift Card

If all else fails, you can always fall back on the old standard of gift cards. An Amazon gift card is great because the recipient can choose from a huge variety of items, not just tools or home improvement items that would be found at the big box stores. Options are always a good thing. Unless you’re like me and get paralyzed into inaction when confronted with too many choices…

Hopefully, this gave you some great ideas for the happy new homeowner on your list! Giving the gift of tools or other cool gadgets for the home is a good bet and will definitely move you to the top of their favorite people list.

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