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Craft Supplies for Cricut You Can Buy at the Dollar Tree

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The Dollar Tree is a great place to pick up craft supplies for Cricut projects (or really any type of crafting project)! I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of my top craft supplies that I always buy at Dollar Tree.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever done the walk of shame leaving a craft store like Hobby Lobby or Joann. It’s like the adult version of the walk of shame some of us may have done in our younger years. ?

The walk of shame occurs when you’ve purchased a butt load of craft supplies, some of which may even get used soon!

I don’t know what happens in my brain when I get inside a craft store. Everywhere I look I see possibility and get overwhelmed with the desire to make. all. the. things. And that kind of thinking can get expensive.

While I still love shopping at Joann and Michaels, my first stop on the craft supply buying tour is Dollar Tree. It isn’t technically a craft supply store but there are plenty of craft supplies for Cricut projects and other crafts you can buy there. And there are even some hidden gems you might not know about!

The price is definitely right. Everything really is only a dollar at Dollar Tree. 

And good news! If you don’t have a Dollar Tree near you, you can also buy online through their website. There is usually a minimum amount required to purchase but if you do a lot of Cricut-ing or other craft projects, it’s worth it. 

Craft Supplies for Cricut from Dollar Tree

This is not an exhaustive list of everything you can get from Dollar Tree for your craft projects. I’ll update this post when I find or think of new things to add to this list. 


only buy my vases from Dollar Tree. I buy a lot of cylinder vases in various heights because I use them with vase filler and artificial flowers that get changed out with the holidays and/or seasons. I’ve also created designs for vases using my Cricut Maker and adhesive vinyl. It’s a fun way to dress up a plain vase. And for only a dollar, you can experiment a little!

The vases pictured below are 9-inch and 7.25-inch cylinder vases and a 3-inch square vase. I couldn’t find that particular vase on their website so I hope they haven’t discontinued it.

Vases from Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is a fantastic place to get glassware of just about every type. I grabbed 4 of these pub glasses the last time I was there. I have an idea for a St. Patrick’s Day project!

Pub Glasses from Dollar Tree

And they have wine glasses in every size and shape. I like wine but I’m not so fancy that I know which wine you drink from each style of glass. For me, there are 2 types of wine glasses – the kind with a stem and the kind without. I really like stemless wine glasses and recently I found that they also carry them in a darker color.

These look so cute with a design like my DIY Valentine’s Wine Glasses.

Wine Glasses from Dollar TreeCoffee Mugs

Custom coffee mugs are extremely popular Cricut projects. They’re fun and they make great gifts too. Dollar Tree carries a variety of styles of cups and mugs. 

Coffee mugs Cricut projects

Seasonal Craft Supplies

I usually go all-in on the seasonal and holiday craft supplies. Dollar Tree carries deco mesh, ribbon, and cute little doo-dads that can be used for wreath-making. Check out How To Make a Cute and Cheap Easter Wreath to see how I made a wreath from Dollar Tree products. 

They are constantly changing their products so you really need to go in and see what’s available. That’s part of the fun!

One trick I’ve learned is to go early, as soon as they put it out if you can. Products sell out very quickly (hello, only a dollar??) and they don’t restock much if any. Once they’re gone, they’re gone until the next year.

Easter Craft Supplies for Cricut Projects

Wreath Frames

I was so excited when I realized they carry wreath frames. I love making wreaths of all kinds. Wreath frames from Joann or Hobby Lobby can cost $5 or more so this is a great deal! And how cute is this heart-shaped wreath frame?

Wreath frames from Dollar Tree

Nail Polish Remover Bottle

When you’re applying vinyl to a shiny surface like glass, it’s really important to wipe it down with rubbing alcohol. The alcohol will remove any dirt or oils and helps the vinyl adhere better. This handy little plastic dispenser with a pump is fantastic for storing your rubbing alcohol for Cricut projects. To dispense, just take a cotton ball or paper towel and press down on the pump a few times. 

Rubbing Alcohol Dispenser Dollar Tree
Cotton Swabs, Cotton Balls, Cosmetic Wedges

Cotton balls and cotton swabs are a must-have for any crafter. We’re constantly wiping things off or down. Cotton swabs with a little alcohol are good for cleaning parts of your Cricut machines because you can get into the small spaces more easily.

And cosmetic wedges can also double as a stencil brush! Just dip a sponge into paint and dab the area in the stencil. I think these work better than an actual brush because the sponge allows the paint to distribute more evenly.

Cotton balls, qtips, wedges
Plastic Cups, Paper Plates, and Bowls

Plastic cups are another item that’s good to keep around. I like using the short plastic tumblers for water or to mix paint to get that exact shade I’m looking for. The taller red plastic cups are nice for cleaning paintbrushes. 

Paper plates and bowls are also cheap options to keep around for mixing paint or setting paintbrushes on.

Contact Paper

Contact paper from Dollar Tree can be used as a cheap alternative to transfer tape for your Cricut projects. It works in the exact same way – just peel the paper backing from the contact paper and place the sticky side over your design.

I’ve also started using contact paper to protect my mats from sticky tape residue or when cutting materials like leather or fabric. I show you how I use it to secure acrylic to the mat in my post Valentine’s Day Acrylic Engraving with the Cricut Engraving Tip.

Contact Paper
Baby Powder & Makeup brushes

Sometimes it can get a little difficult to see your design when you’re trying to weed vinyl. Sprinkling a little baby powder over it and using a  makeup brush to work it into the cut lines makes it easier to see your design so you can avoid weeding something you didn’t mean to.

I really like this short-handled kabuki brush for brushing baby powder onto vinyl. It’s small so it’s easy to store with my other Cricut weeding tools.

Consider Dollar Tree for Crafting Supplies

If you’ve never thought about Dollar Tree for craft supplies for Cricut projects or general crafting, I strongly encourage you to check it out! I’m always finding new things to bring home that I can use in my crafts or make projects easier.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to Dollar Tree to see what’s new.

Happy Crafting!

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