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How To Make a Cute and Cheap Easter Wreath

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A few weeks ago I went on a real spree at Dollar Tree and Walmart. They’d just put out all their stuff for spring and Easter and I went crazy. I love shopping at the dollar stores for craft supplies because even if I go totally nuts, it’ll still be under 30 bucks.  I’m constantly surprised at things I find at Dollar Tree too. Not sure how I missed this before, but I had no idea they carried the green foam floral rings. I just paid 3 or 4 dollars for the same thing at one of the other craft stores. D’oh! Anyway, I snagged one and picked up a few other things from both places to make a cute and cheap Easter wreath.

dollar tree easter wreath supplies

How to Make a Cheap Easter Wreath

Supplies Needed:

  • 10-inch green foam floral ring
  • Easter grass in the color of your choosing
  • Plastic eggs in a variety of colors
  • Bow
  • Fun accessories like sunglasses
  • Hot glue gun or some type of craft glue

Start by putting a line of hot glue on the floral ring. Then grab a handful of the grass and carefully place it on top of the glue. I say carefully because I went in too fast a time or two and stuck my finger in the glue when it was still boiling hot. Ouch.

Cheap Easter wreath gluing

Sometimes we need a supervisor to make sure we’re doing everything right. She takes her job seriously. ?

Cheap Easter wreath lucy

Continue around the ring until it’s covered. I took the scissors and trimmed off some of the really long pieces.

Cheap Easter wreath grass

Now it’s time to add the plastic eggs. Just add some glue on top of the grass and put the egg on it. Hold in place for a few seconds so it doesn’t shift.

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Cheap Easter wreath eggs

Now it’s a matter of adding the rest of the fun stuff you found for your wreath. I’m 99% sure the bunny face was just there to hold the sunglasses in place in the package but I thought it was too cute to waste. I made it the center of my wreath! I found the purple bow at Walmart. It sort of looks like a bowtie for my bunny. Fancy-schmancy!

Cheap Easter wreath done

The last thing is to add something so the wreath can be hung up. I found these adorable plastic eggs shaped like bunnies at Dollar Tree. I stuck one on top and glued a small loop of ribbon to it.

Cheap Easter wreath funny hanger

And that’s it! I have a Command hook on my front door for hanging wreaths and other such fancy stuff. I love how cheerful and bright it looks against my white door.

Cheap Easter wreath hanging

The total cost for this project was around 6 dollars. I got the floral ring, grass, sunglasses, one package of regular eggs, and one package of the bunny eggs from Dollar Tree. I got the bow from Walmart but it was also only a dollar. I’d say 6 bucks isn’t bad at all for a cute custom wreath like this!


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