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That Friday Feeling – Spring Things and Other Stuff

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Happy Friday! I’ve been crazy busy the last few weeks with work and blog stuff. I signed up for some online courses and I’ve been working my way through them slowly but surely. I love learning new things and even more so if I can put it to good use. But as busy as I’ve been, I’ve had spring things on the brain too! Can’t. wait. for. spring.

Friday Feeling Spring Things

Spring things for me include new projects and I have a few of them on deck this year! I’ve started seeing bulbs and planters in the stores lately too which makes me want to get outside and get my hands dirty. I made a list last weekend of all the things I want to do this year around the house and yard, and it’s loooooong. We’ll see how far I get with it. Once the pool is open all I really want to do is hop on my air mattress and float. ☀?

Aislynn and I are going to see A Wrinkle in Time this weekend. They just renovated the movie theater close to my house and added those comfy reclining seats so I’m excited to check it out! So far the reviews I’ve seen for the movie haven’t been all that great but at least we’ll be sitting in style, right? ?

OK, enough of that. On to the good stuff!

That Friday Feeling

  1. New art for the walls is one of the things on my list this year. I have a few rooms that really need a little somethin-somethin. I really like the colors in this piece from Annie Selke. It’s all of my favorite colors in one place!

spring things elation wall art annie selke


2. If you’ve been boycotting McDonald’s because they stopped carrying Disney toys in Happy Meals, fret not! After more than a decade, the partnership between McDonald’s and Disney will be rekindled. Wow, and just in time for Incredibles 2, which is due to hit theaters on June 15.

3. I am dying to try and grow tropical fruit in a container like this. Not only because it’s an AWESOME idea but it would really bring in some much needed natural color during the bleak winter months.

4. This might be the last season for Fixer Upper but you haven’t heard the last of Joanna Gaines. HGTV has announced a new show featuring the shiplap-loving designer called “Behind the Designs”. The new show is slated to start in May after Fixer Upper is done. ?

5. Guess what lucky daughter of mine is getting one of these Harry Potter-inspired candles for their birthday this year? 
6. The color you choose for your front door might have something to do with your personality type. Elle Decor has an interesting article about the color options and their meanings. Funny, I was seriously considering painting my door navy blue, which means I’m authoritative and trustworthy. Yeah, but which color means “not interested in buying anything?”.

I hope you have fun things planned for this weekend and get a chance to relax!

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