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First Peek at my Family Room Decorating Ideas

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Happy Monday! Every year I make a list of the projects I want to tackle in the coming months. Last year it was the dining room, downstairs bathroom, laundry room, and floating deck in the backyard. This year, besides working on the room for the girls, I have some family room decorating ideas, but I also want to do my bedroom, the upstairs “bonus room”, and maybe a new above-ground pool and deck. Ambitious….

But first, the family room.

Family Room Remodel Ideas

I’m pretty sure this room was added after the house was originally built. It’s pretty plain. I haven’t done anything in there except plop down some furniture, paint it, and hang some curtains. I bought a cheap electric fireplace a few years ago because it gets COLD in here in the winter but I want an upgrade. It’s in the back of the house and it’s a decent size – 13×10. Eventually, I’m going to have a sliding door put in (in the wall with the frames in the pic above) for easier access to the deck and backyard. Not sure if that’ll happen this year or not because I have other things I want to do first. But it will be so nice when it finally gets done!

The first thing I’m going to do in here is get rid of the microfiber couch and loveseat. That is one purchase that I’m sorry I made. Microfiber is the literal worst. I should have known that I wasn’t going to like it when one of the “perks” I got when I bought it was a box of “special” cleaning supplies. ? Oh well, live and learn! I got a great deal on it at the time, and right then I really needed something affordable. I’d just bought the house and had so much to buy and do.

Family Room Remodel Ideas

After that crap is gone I’ll be able to dig in and get to work. And I am ready! I’ve been pinning for months. And after all that, the only thing I know for sure is that I’m going to do a wall of built-ins and somehow embed an electric fireplace in there.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of my family room remodel ideas, or at least the initial ones. I’ve learned that things tend to change from when you first start on a project. You’re likely to end up with something different, even if only a little bit, from what you initially designed. No worries, just roll with it!

Family Room Ideas

Family Room Decor Ideas

1. Fireplace built-in tutorial courtesy of iHeart Organizing | 2. Floating Shelves | 3. Floor Lamp | 4. Blue Sectional

The tutorial from iHeart Organizing is my inspiration for the wall of built-ins, although they went with a gas fireplace insert and I want to use electric. I’m digging the look of the rustic wood shelves and I’d like to find some way to incorporate that in the room. And I’m on the fence about that overarching floor lamp. I’m having a hard time picturing what it would look like in my space but it’s not out of the running just yet. The sectional is more of a “wouldn’t it be nice” inspiration piece. In reality, I’ll probably go with grey just because it’s so versatile.

Family Room Decor Ideas

5. Round Mirror | 6. Pouf | 7. Bamboo shades | 8. Watercolor | 9. Color scheme | 10. Art

I am in love with this Restoration Hardware mirror. There is no way on earth I’d pay $1000 for a mirror but maybe a DIY option is possible….? My current couch and loveseat have recliners. And I hate it. I’m ready to kick my feet up on a nice comfy pouf. I’ve been slowly working to put bamboo roman shades in all the windows. Paired with sheer curtains, it really makes a room felt light and airier. I love the simplicity of this watercolor. It evokes a calm, coastal feel that I really like. And this is the color palette I’m playing around with. Again, it kind of has that coastal vibe but I think it will work well with the kitchen colors right next door. I also really, really love this painting. It’s called Farewell to Anger. I’m not really sure what the meaning is but I love the vibrant colors. If I can’t make this work in the family room, I’m going to find another spot for it.

I love starting a new project! Even though it’s frustrating and messy and feels like it takes forever sometimes, the end result is so worth it. Follow me on Pinterest to see what new ideas and things I’ve found!


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