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Designing a shared girls bedroom for 2 sweet girls

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Spring is coming, guys. I can feel it. I heard a bird singing yesterday so they know it too! For me, this time of year means deciding which projects I’m going to tackle in the coming months. And this year, I need to design a shared girls bedroom that can be enjoyed by both of my granddaughters.

Shared Girls Room Sisters

I’ve always had a room in this house for Aislynn. Just a few years ago, I made some updates which included a fun new paint color, a DIY’d chair, and some storage. But now we have little Clara who just turned a year old! Yikes! It won’t be long before she’s ready for a big girl bed at Grandma’s just like her big sister has. I don’t want Aislynn to feel like she’s losing anything so I’ll be involving her as much as possible in the design decisions.

We’re in the beginning stages now but here are some of the ideas we’re thinking about.


shared Girls Bedroom

  1. White Round Shag Rug | 2. Floral Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light | 3. Purple Throw | 4. White Bunk Beds | 5. Little But Fierce Framed Wall Art | 6. White Bookcase | 7. 6 Drawer Dresser | 8. Blue Plush Throw Blanket | 9. Purple Bean Bag Chair | 10. Purple Area Rug | 11. Vintage Pouf | 12. Metallic Clover Sheer Window Panels

Alex had a loft bed when she was growing up and LOVED it. She’d fill the entire bed area with stuffed animals and then crawl in there to sleep. Total bliss. Since we have 2 girls to think about this time we’re thinking bunk beds are the way to go. How much fun is it going to be to come to Grandma’s for the night and sleep in bunk beds? And I am totally obsessed with that floral flush mount light fixture (#2). Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen??

Aislynn really likes blue but like her mother, she’s awfully partial to purple. It’s a little too soon to tell what Clara will be into but if she’s anything like her mom and sister, it’ll be purple too. I’m trying to strike a balance between the bright blues and purples and a white tone for the furniture.

Things will probably change by the time it’s all done.

So what do you think? Would these be good choices for a shared girls bedroom? Let us know in the comments!


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