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Mirror, Mirror on My wall – A Roundup of my Favorite Mirrors

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Mirrors aren’t just for showing the fairest of them all. They can be the secret weapon in your decorating arsenal. To a certain extent, mirrors take a backseat to art. While art is integral to making a room feel finished, don’t forget about mirrors! They can make a small space seem bigger because of the light they bounce around. And they can also brighten up a dark space for the same reason. I have a few projects in the queue right now so I’ve been shopping for mirrors lately. I’ve found so many amazing pieces so I thought I’d do a roundup of my favorite mirrors that I’m loving and share the mirror love!

I love the casual look of a full-length mirror leaned against the wall. This rectangular mirror from Wayfair comes in quite a few different finishes but my favorite is the champagne silver!

Favorite mirrors

This collection of round mirrors is a versatile and budget-friendly choice. You could either group them all together for a truly unique look or hang them separately to get more bang for your buck. For under $50 you could buy 2 and have even more options!

round mirror group

Bone inlay mirrors are all the rage now. I like the blue tones in this mirror. It evokes a slight Mediterranean vibe maybe? Something like this would look good in my family room since I’m leaning towards a cream-colored couch instead of the brighter turquoise I’d been eyeing.

Blue Bone Inlay mirror

I adore this mosaic mirror from Serena and Lily even if the price tag gives me pause. It’s offered in 4 different colors but my favorite is the white, followed the blue. But the red or yellow versions could really add some pop of color to a room so I’d say you can’t go wrong with any of them!

white mosaic mirror

Here’s another one from Serena and Lily. The wood detail of the frame adds interest and depth. I could see this mirror working well in a farmhouse-style room or even a home with a coastal feeling, which is one of my favorite feelings!

Somerset Faceted Mirror

This bone inlay mirror from CB2 makes a very striking statement. This mirror would be the focal point of any room yet could work with any type of decor.

bone inlay round mirror

The shape of this floral-inspired mirror is a work of art in itself. The fact that it’s also a mirror is just a bonus!

flower petal mirror


I’ve had my eye on this mirror from Restoration Hardware for a while but the $1000 price tag is just too rich for my blood. I still love it though and am determined to figure out a DIY version that’s easier on my pocketbook.

Restoration Hardware Mirror

I’m getting closer to being ready to start on some of my projects! I think I have a solid plan now for all the rooms I want to tackle this year – the girls’ room, the extra bedroom upstairs and the family room. I sat down over the weekend and played around with and also the Ikea kitchen planner to get a feel for how things could be arranged. Visualizing the rooms like that really helped a lot. I was able to make decisions on some things I’d been having trouble with.

I love the feeling right before a project gets underway! Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months for progress and updates!


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