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And so it ends…my new office reveal!!

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At last! Months of hard work have finally paid off and I have the office of my dreams! I love it so much I can’t even. I just can’t. 🙂

But first, let’s remember what I was starting with, in all its textured wall and undiscovered hardwood glory. Dude, if I had known how many, many, many, many coats of skim coating and how much sanding I was in for, I might have changed my mind.

office before

But if I had given up I would never have ended up with this. I would never have figured out that there WAS FREAKIN’ HARDWOOD UNDERNEATH THAT CARPET. Side note – isn’t that Rosie the Riveter poster the cutest?? I found it when Alex and I went to the Pork and Apple Festival back in September. It was an unseasonable one billion degrees that weekend but at least I scored something cool. Ha, see what I did there?




What a difference! This has already become one of my favorite spots in the house. Aislynn’s too. She can usually be found right here (which is probably why the big pillows looked…um, loved). The light is amazing in this room because it faces southeast

New office reveal - daybed

I work from home a few days a week now and I just love the way the desk turned out. One of my requirements was that there was enough space for everything – laptop, monitors, printer, etc. The L-shape I ended up designing works perfectly. I have plenty of room for all my equipment and room to spread out while I’m working too. I still need to find baskets for the cabinet shelves but have plenty of space to grow so I’m not in a rush to do that. Notice the art I made during one of my Pinnovation projects? Finally found a home for it!

L shaped desk

The days I’m working in here generally go like this: wake up, make coffee, take a shower, put on comfy leggings and a t-shirt and walk down to the office. It’s heaven not having to blow dry my hair or mess around with makeup and an outfit. The cat sleeps all day on the daybed and the dog has her bed in here now too.

This project took some dips and turns along the way for sure. It doesn’t even look like the same room, but I guess that’s the point of all this, right? If I didn’t have the “before” picture I’d have trouble remembering what it looked like. So totally worth the almost 2 months of work it took. Even if I almost threw in the towel during the “detexturing” process.

I told Alex that I’m not taking on any more major renovation projects until after the first year. To which she rolled her eyes and said “Sure, Mom”. I mean it though. There are a ton of minor updates that are on my to-do list. And the holidays are here!! Eek! I have some fun holiday projects that I’ll be sharing. Plus I’ll be doing a freezer cooking post. I’ve been doing freezer cooking for a few years but Alex has recently taken the plunge with me. We just did a massive marathon session last weekend so I’m hoping to get that post up within the week. In addition to freezer cooking, we also do an entirely over-the-top cookie baking weekend every year so get prepared for that too. We’re crazy, I tell ya.

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