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Farmhouse Decor You Can Find on Amazon for $20 or less

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Fixer Upper may be over but the farmhouse style decorating trend lives on.

People embrace the casual and easy vibe that farmhouse decor seems to represent. It’s a departure from our fast-paced, busy, constantly “connected” lives. It’s nice to come home to a house that’s comfortable and welcoming after a long day of being in the world as it is today.

Wow, I must really be getting old if I’m mining gems like that. The world as it is today? Geez. But you know what I meant, right? ?

Farmhouse decor may be synonymous with terms like “repurposed” and “aged” but it can still be expensive to keep up with trends.

There are actually a ton of Amazon decor items available. You might not have thought of Amazon as one of the top farmhouse decor stores but there are a lot of cute far

I’ve scoured Amazon and found some cheap farmhouse decor items for your home. And they’re all $20 or less! If you’ve been wanting to bring some of that farmhouse inspired decor into your home but want to stick to a budget, this is the post for you.

Most of these items are Amazon Prime items, which means they are eligible for free 2-day shipping. This benefit alone is worth the cost of the membership! If you’re not currently a Prime member but would like to try it out, Amazon offers a free 30-day trial! Find out more information about all of the benefits you get as an Amazon Prime member here. I love being a Prime member and consider it money well spent!

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Farmhouse Decor On Amazon

Farmhouse Decor On Amazon That's Under $20

1. Barn Door Pillow Cover
2. Barnwood Arrows
3. Stoneware Candle Holder
4. Droplight Lamp Cage
5. Mason Jar Measuring Set
6. Cotton Stems
7. Rustic Wooden Wall Clock
8. White Cast Iron Wall Mounted Hooks
9. Galvanized Milk Jug Planter
10. Rooster Jar with Lid
11. Felt Letter Board
12. Rustic Distressed Floating Shelves
13. Galvanized Washboard
14. Round Wire Storage Basket
15. Gather Galvanized Wall Decor
16. Farm Hair Don’t Care T-Shirt
17. Gooseneck Wall Sconces
18. Kitchen Utensils Crock
19. Cotton Variegated Throw
20. Artificial Lavender in Whitewashed Bucket
21. Wire Storage Basket
22. Galvanized Serving Tray
23. Triangle Dinner Bell
24. Farmers Market Throw Pillow Cover
25. Metal Cage Plug-In Pendant Light
26. Stencils for Wood
27. Bread Box and Cutting Board
28. Handmade Floating White Mantle
29. Hanging Metal Cone Vases
30. Tea Light Candle Holder

If you’re for looking farmhouse decor ideas but are farmhouse decorating on a budget, check out Amazon!


If you love farmhouse decor, you're gonna love this list of farmhouse decor items from Amazon that are under $20.
These farmhouse decor items are budget-friendly and stylish. If you love farmhouse decor but are on a budget, you need to check these out! Wow! Check out these farmhouse decor finds on Amazon for under $20!! You'll be decorating in the Fixer Upper style and still stick to your budget! Farmhouse decor finds on Amazon that are under $20. Decorate in the farmhouse style on any budget! If you love Fixer Upper and farmhouse decor but are on a budget, check out these farmhouse decor finds from Amazon that are under $20.

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