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Make Thanksgiving Pie Toppers with Your Cricut and Cricut Pens

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Dress up your desserts this year with these simple and cute Thanksgiving pie toppers! This is an easy project to make using your Cricut and Cricut Pens.

Most of us will be having smaller Thanksgiving celebrations this year because that’s the world we live in right now. But you can still add a little homemade flair to your desserts with these easy Thanksgiving pie toppers. You could also use these for a buffet-style layout to label dishes. Or use them as place cards! The possibilities are endless!

This is a really simple project that you can whip together in no time since your Cricut will be doing most of the work. I like those projects.

What’s in this post:

Materials Needed for Thanksgiving Pie Toppers

  • Cricut Maker, Explore, or Joy, or alternatively, you can print these and cut them out by hand
  • Cricut Pens – I’m using the 1mm Marker for Maker and Explore. Note: Cricut Joy requires special pens specifically for the Joy
  • Cardstock in the pattern of your choice
  • Toothpicks, dowels, chopsticks, or something to attach your card to
  • Glue or tape

Download the Free Thanksgiving Pie Toppers SVG File

Grab this file by clicking the image below. The zip file contains an SVG file for Cricut users and a DXF file for other cutting machines that use this type of file. 

If you’d like to make these using your printer instead, use the PDF, JPG, or PNG files.

You’ll need to unzip the folder first since you can’t upload zip files to Design Space.

Click to Download Thanksgiving Pie Toppers SVG

Upload the File into Cricut Design Space

Upload the SVG file to Cricut Design Space. See How To Upload SVG Files to Cricut Design Space Like a Boss for tips on uploading files. 

There are a few things you’ll need to do before you’re ready to make your project. You might want to resize it. The SVG will be grouped when you first import the file so use the sizing handles to resize them all at once. To fit on an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of cardstock, you’ll need to resize the entire design to about 8.2″ X 9″.

Next, you’ll notice that the text is on a separate layer from the card and it’s all set to cut. We want to use a Cricut Pen for the text and we want it to draw the text ON the card. 

Either right-click on the image and choose UnGroup or click UnGroup at the top of the Layers panel. This will release the file into separate layers.

Uploaded Thanksgiving Pie Toppers SVG file in Design Space


Next, we need to select each layer of text and change this from Cut to Draw using the Linetype box at the top of the canvas. You can select all the text layers at once by holding down the Shift key while you click the layers. Click the outline box next to the Linetype dropdown and select the type of pen you’re using. I’m using a black 1mm Marker so I’ll make those selections and return to the canvas.

Set text to draw in Design Space

Finally, we need to attach each text layer to the corresponding card so that it will draw and then cut each shape together. Select the text layer and the card together either by choosing the layers in the Layers panel or using your mouse to draw a selection box around both. Click Attach (or right-click on it and choose Attach).

Single-Line Fonts

I’ve used a single-line font in this design so that there is no outline on the text when it’s changed to Draw instead of Cut.

And you’re probably wondering “What’s the difference?”

Regular fonts that you’re used to working with are created using outlined shapes. All fonts that are installed on your computer (unless you specifically installed a single-line font) use these outline shapes. When you’re working with text in Design Space and it’s set to Cut, the outlines are just filled in so it looks like one solid object. 

Single line vs regular fonts

But when you change the linetype to Draw, you’ll see that the font has been converted to outlines.

Regular font with outlines

Some programs, such as Cricut Design Space, have the ability to use single-line fonts to draw lines. When you’re using a single-line font in Design Space to draw, you’ll just see the one line. 

I’ve set up the pie toppers with some common pies for Thanksgiving plus a few sayings. If you want to change the text to something else, you need to be aware that unless you have single-line fonts installed on your machine any text you add will have the outline.

I’ve also included a couple of blank ones so you can write anything you’d like on those and not worry about what fonts you have on your computer!

For reference, the single-line font I’m using is called Dear Agatha. I purchased this font from Creative Market. Single-line fonts are relatively new so there isn’t a ton available right now. But you can do a Google search to find more if you’re interested.

Make the Thanksgiving Pie Toppers

Once all the prep work is done, we’re ready to make this thing!

Don’t forget to change the material size to match what you’re using. I’ve forgotten this step a few too many times. Sigh.

Set material size for Thanksgiving pie toppers

Once you’ve selected the right size, hit Continue to connect your machine and select your base material. If you’re using the Cricut Explore, you’ll select the material using the dial. For Maker users, you’ll select the material from the options on the screen.

Select base material for Thanksgiving Pie Toppers

Load your pen in Clamp A and check that the fine-point blade is loaded into Clamp B.

Place your material on the mat and load it. This project is designed for you to use any kind of cardstock or paper you like. I’m using a cute patterned cardstock I found in my stash.

Press the flashing Cricut button to start the process. The machine will first use the pen to draw the text and then it will cut out each individual card.

Toppers Flat Lay

Save Room for Pie!

Thanksgiving Pie Toppers Flat

Or eat the pie first. You can never go wrong with eating dessert first. đŸ™‚

These little pie toppers are so cute you’ll want to add them to everything. You could use toothpicks or chopsticks or anything you have handy that you can stick ’em on. I even found a random clothespin in the craft stash that I used. 

Now, before we eat the pie, I have to make the pie. I should get on that.

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