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Make a Bloody Cup Using Alcohol Ink

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Wow, you guys really liked the art I made using the alcohol ink a few weeks ago! Well, I’m back with another fun, albeit creepy, craft for Halloween using alcohol ink and you guessed it, fire, to make a bloody cup. Yes, that’s right. A bloody cup. A few years ago Alex and I picked up a box of old punch glasses, saucers and other random glassware with the intention of “doing something with it”. Which means that it’s all been sitting in a box for the last few years. This past weekend I unearthed one single punch glass and saucer for this project. It’s a start, right?

They’re actually really pretty. I think we were thinking of cute teacup candles or something when we bought them. But I had something a little more gruesome in mind.

Bloody Cup Before

We’ve been slowly adding to the Halloween decorations outside a little at a time, just like I knew we would. A cauldron with spooky lighting here, a skeleton there. And cobwebs and lighting and things in jars. I was playing around with the alcohol ink this weekend (another project I’ll be posting soon!) and realized that the red ink really looked like blood. Of course, I immediately started thinking about how I could incorporate that into my Halloween decorating. Alcohol ink is designed to be used on non-porous surfaces like glass. I suddenly remembered that dusty box of glassware in the attic and that’s how ideas are born, friends. I thought how completely creepy it would be to set a bloody cup on the porch somewhere to greet my trick or treating visitors on Halloween.

After washing it up, I applied the first bit of ink. I went around the top of the cup and let it run down. It dries fast but so far so good.

Bloody Cup First Ink

Where’s the fun in using alcohol ink if you can’t set it on fire? I added more ink and let it pool in the bottom of the glass. And then lit it. Burn baby burn!

Bloody Cup Fire

The alcohol ink itself is flammable so there’s no need to add rubbing alcohol like I did for the art. The ink dries fast and it won’t burn unless it’s still wet so you have move quickly. If all goes well, it should look like dried blood is inside your cup. Yummy.

Bloody Cup Done

Aislynn really thought that it needed an eyeball as well. I have to say that under the black light it does look pretty creepy. That kid might have a future as a Halloween decorator!

Bloody cup black light

Things are moving right along with the decorating. So with the weather and schedules permitting we should have it wrapped up this week. Just a few more finishing touches and I’ll be able to post pictures for ya!

The feeling of knowing that a tradition is in the process of happening makes me so happy! I can definitely tell this is something that we’re going have so much fun expanding year after year. Even Aislynn’s getting into it. Who knows? Maybe in a few years, we’ll have our very own Halloweentown! Which just happened to be Alex’s FAVORITE Halloween movie when she was growing up. We watched it every. single. year. And I’m pretty sure she made me watch it last year too.

Do you have any Halloween traditions that you look forward to every year? We’d love to hear from you so drop us a line in the comments!

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