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The Great Big House Project List

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When I bought my house, someone told me that you’re never really done working on it. After 7 years here, I’m realizing that’s very, very true. Although I’ve touched every single room in some way, whether it’s just painting or a complete overhaul, there’s still a lot I want to do. I was looking around the other day and started thinking about all those things I’d like to accomplish. So, being a list-maker at heart, I made a great big house project list.

Can I just say that I was shocked at how big my list ended up being?

Once I started writing things down, other ideas popped into my head. No space in the house was spared. Even rooms that I thought were “done”. Life changes, so what worked at the time may not be the best fit now.

And if we’re keeping it real, there are some earlier projects that need to be redone. In the beginning, I was pretty much just winging it and learning as I went. The vision in my head wasn’t exactly what I ended up with all the time. But my skills (and tools!) have improved and I’ve learned to slow down, take my time, and get it right.

The House Project List

I thought it would be fun to post my house project list here on the blog, both as a way to share my progress and to keep track of it all in one place.

I wish I had done this from the very beginning! Or maybe not…some of that earlier work is downright cringe-worthy.

I’m sure that this list will evolve over time. I’ll add and remove things because I change my mind. A lot.

And there’s no timeline on when I want to finish everything. I’ll just work on whatever strikes my fancy. Some of the things are bigger ticket items that I’ll need to save for.

And some things I’ll need to pay a professional to do. As cheap as I can be, I realize that there are certain jobs you need a pro for!

I’ve broken it out room by room but again, I have no particular order in mind. Unlike in the past, I’m not trying to complete an entire room at a time. That never seems to work very well for me because, by the end, I’m over it.  That’s not the best way to get the result I wanted. Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say. Moving around and knocking out the smaller things can be really motivating! It really gets me excited to tackle the bigger things.

I’ll keep this list updated and I’ll post plenty of before and afters when I’ve completed something. I’m challenging myself to slow down and take the time to enjoy the process because I have a tendency to rush through projects just to mark something off my list.

Master Bedroom

  • New queen size bed
  • Rehab existing dresser (add hardware, maybe something fun on the top and drawers?)
  • New blinds and curtains
  • Nightstands (buy or maybe DIY?)
  • Art for the walls
  • Way to store/display jewelry (cute shelf with hooks??)
  • Paint
  • Remove popcorn ceiling
  • Add crown molding
  • New light fixture
  • Closet organization

Upstairs Bathroom

  • Fix flooring (this was my first experience with flooring and there are a few spots that need to be fixed)
  • New sink
  • Frame out mirror
  • New drawer slides for vanity
  • Some type of storage (towels, linens, etc)
  • New vanity area
  • Patch wall under shelves (due to a shelf installation gone wrong)

Upstairs Bonus Room/Extra Closet Storage

  • Better pillows for chaises (I bought 2 of the Kivik chaises from Ikea and I love them!)
  • New frames for posters
  • Cute storage baskets for shelves
  • Better shoe storage
  • DIY a letterboard

Upstairs Hallway/Stairs

  • Rip out the carpet and replace flooring (hardwood? vinyl tile?)
  • Runner for stairs
  • See about opening up the wall to the front room
  • More art
  • Paint
  • Remove popcorn ceiling
  • Build a small table

Girls Room

  • Bunk beds
  • Art for walls
  • Closet organization

Front Room

  • Add crown molding
  • More chairs for seating
  • Do something with storage ottoman (reupholster?)
  • Build a console table
  • Upgrade the “mudroom” area – add a bench? shoe storage?
  • Replace ceiling fan

Dining Room

  • Add crown molding
  • Swag chandelier so it’s centered over the table
  • DIY a wooden tray for the center of the table  Done! Check out the post here.


  • Replace or upgrade kitchen counters
  • Paint cabinets
  • New appliances
  • New arrangement?
  • See about opening the wall to family room/adding an island
  • Replace ceiling fan
  • Have lights installed over the sink


  • New desk? (I still love the desk I built but I’m struggling with organization and storage)
  • Better storage
  • Better arrangement for Cricut machine/laptops/printer
  • Clean out/organize the closet
  • Art for walls

Laundry Room

  • Add cabinets over washing machine and dryer
  • New shelves
  • Do something with freezer – Enclose somehow?
  • Clean out and organize the closet
  • Art
  • Curtains – DIY something cute
  • New light fixture – maybe DIY something?
  • Add crown?

Downstairs Bathroom

  • New mirror (I used a mirror I had on hand but I always meant to get a new one)
  • Reorganize baskets and shelves

Family Room

  • New couch and chairs (I got the Ektorp sofa and chairs in Lofallet beige from Ikea, mostly because of the removable covers and I’m in love with them. So comfortable!)
  • Build out electric fireplace surround + mantle
  • Refinish dresser/create media cabinet
  • Patch hole in the wall (thanks to Aislynn who opened the old reclining sofa when she wasn’t in it and it flew back and hit the wall)
  • Paint
  • Add crown molding
  • More art
  • Add a sliding door to patio
  • Replace ceiling fan
  • Build a coffee table + side tables
  • New rug
  • New blinds & curtains

Front Yard/Porch/Driveway

  • Replace/add new columns on the porch for the more balanced look
  • Repaint porch and steps
  • Plant hardy shrubs in the front bed (I’ve tried flowers in containers too so maybe a combo?)
  • Have space by road dug out and graveled (we don’t have sidewalks here, but all the houses have a gravel area for extra parking. Mine is a weed farm in the warm months)
  • Have parking space dug and graveled (there’s an extra area next to the driveway that was graveled at some point and used for extra parking. Also, a weed farm now)
  • Tear out old asphalt for driveway and have repaved
  • Continue planting side flowerbed (more hostas? small bushes?)
  • Reseed grass


  • Clean out junk
  • New garage doors
  • Create a workshop area
  • Better storage


  • Build new privacy planters behind the pool
  • Replace pool with metal-sided one
  • Buy/build a storage shed for lawn mower/garden tools
  • Reseed grass
  • Do something behind the garage with berry bushes
  • Have trees cut down?
  • Replace HVAC unit
  • Reorganize deck to accommodate the sliding door
  • Build steps from sliding door to deck
  • Build a better path from deck to pool
  • More lighting (string lights? lanterns?)


  • Repaint floor with darker color
  • Clean out junk
  • Install dehumidifier
  • Reorganize/more shelving

That’s a pretty massive list, eh? I’ll admit it’s a little intimidating but it’s also exciting to see all my ideas in one place. I think I’ve been stuck in a rut for a while and haven’t had much focus on what to do next. That’s what I love about lists so much! Now I have a plan and I’m re-energized about realizing my house’s full potential.

I’ve been terrible about posting on Instagram lately, but I’ll be posting a lot more as I work through my house project list. Follow us on Instagram if you’d like to check out the progress!



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